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About WholeFit

Our Story

WholeFit began in 2018 in the small town of Lucan, Ontario. A lively community of hockey fans, farmers, and caring neighbors. Our 5500 Sq Ft. Facility was equipped with Class space, a full-body cable circuit, and plenty of free-weight space. Owner Jon Celestino and his team started with 3 Ideas 1) Creating a Fitness Facility with something for everyone  2) No Excuses and 3) Adaptability.

That's why WholeFit Offers 3 in-person or virtual programs that promote tailoring and adapting to all skill levels, styles and limitations. WholeFit also allows for 24/7 access to all members to overcome any time constraints and limitations.

Over time our team of coaches recognized that the world of health and wellness has numerous styles, cultures, and communities. However, they all share the same goal of improving as individuals physically, mentally, emotionally, and for some even spiritually.  Although there are many technical differences in each style of fitness. We recognized the one guiding principle that is similar in all styles and techniques.  That is an increase in work done over time creates growth.  And that's why at WholeFit regardless if you're into bodybuilding, long-distance running, Functional Fitness, Yoga, you're welcomed as part of our community.