Coaches and Staff

Our health perspective.

Health is not purely physical.

At WholeFit we promote sound mind, body and soul. Our aim is to provide you a platform to keep you mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy in our busy modern society. 

For some, that means a comfortable environment to disconnect from technology and clear your mind.

For others, it means pushing the envelope...putting the extra 2.5 lbs on to your max and pushing through the challenge, shattering what you thought was physically possible for yourself to do.

Everyone is different. We are here to support YOUR serenity.

Meet The Team.

Jon Celestino

WholeFit Owner & Coach

My name is Jon Celestino, a biochemist and trainer with a thirst for knowledge and greater understanding of the human body. Starting at a young age, my parents would drive me all over Ontario and the United  States for all of my various athletics but my passion and love was always baseball. As a natural athlete, I eventually found my way to Illinois Institute of Technology where I learned that it takes more than good looks and genes to excel at a higher level of athletics. While working with different trainers and experimenting with my own workouts, I took my understanding of human anatomy and biochemistry and used it to create and evolve a routine that met my needs and helped me accomplish multiple accolades in my final sports season. I found that fitness and exercise didn’t only help my athletics; it helped every other aspect of my life as well, including my confidence, my mood, my grades, and overall energy. This is where my passion for fitness grew.

With my area of study being biochemistry and the majority of my time being spent in labs, I developed a cause and effect attitude with a trial and error mentality. This attitude created an insatiable curiosity; I wanted to understand how to enhance physical output by manipulating input and essentially turned the gym into my own personal lab. Because health goes beyond what we can physically do, I developed another interest. My minor background in psychology created a concern for the emotional benefits of exercise and fitness as well. It was my interests in those fields that lead me to the benefit of meditation, self-control, and separation from body and mind.

I’m fascinated by the energy and ideals shared among the members and the trainers here. At WholeFit we focus on fitness and nutrition education where information isn’t regurgitated but is discussed and every opportunity is taken to learn something new. Allow me to feed your body, your mind, and your soul while achieving, maintaining, and refining your healthy lifestyles.

Step into my laboratory, we have some experimenting to do.
Jon Celestino

Patrick Ramsay 

WholeFit Personal Trainer and HIITitUP Instructor

 My name is Patrick Ramsay and I am a Personal Trainer and Bootcamp Instructor at WholeFit. I’ve loved playing sports my whole life and dabbled in tons of different sports growing up, from hockey, to football and track & field (just to name a few). As I got older, it was hard to narrow down my commitment to a single sport, as my interests have always had a tendency towards expansion rather than narrowing. I find a variety of sports extremely appealing, and each for their own unique reason. Maybe that’s why I’ve been so interested in CrossFit recently – its goal is to train every aspect of fitness. Eventually I decided to focus on football, the sport I was most passionate about, playing competitively for the London Falcons for six summers in a row and then making the Western Mustangs roster as a walk on going into my first year of University. While earning my degree and training as a member of Western’s football team, I fought through a slew of nagging injuries which taught me the importance of self-maintenance, mobility, stretching and paying special attention to holes in my fitness. I was also exposed to how our physical health interacts intimately with our mental and spiritual health. In my second and third years at Western as a member of the practice squad for the Mustangs, I had the opportunity to develop my skills while playing for the London Beefeaters Football club. During that pivotal third year I switched positions from Defensive Back to Linebacker and experienced immediate success. Although I felt I was ready to be a part of the Mustangs dress roster on game days that year, I was asked to continue playing with the Beefeaters and helped lead the club to its first ever Provincial Championship in one of the most memorable sports seasons of my life. In fourth year, I was finally given the chance to dress for Western – accomplishing a goal I had set ten years prior while playing minor football. During my time at Western I trained under the Strength and Conditioning coach Jeff Watson, a man who has trained a couple of NFL players and countless CFL players. No two workouts were ever the same (literally), each one was unique and challenging. I could never soak in enough knowledge from Jeff, which is why I’m currently volunteering under him, helping to run morning workouts for Varsity athletes at Western.

When I heard about WholeFit from my long-time friend Jon Celestino, I was instantly intrigued. It was exciting to learn of this gym’s dedication to the surrounding community, and its holistic approach to health that empowers people. It is so much more than a business. Personally, Meditation has ushered in more joy, balance, and perspective into my life. So, as a gym that offers Yoga and Meditation in addition to strength training and bootcamps, WholeFit was already phenomenal to me “on paper.” But when I came in and got a chance to meet the squad and saw how they operated, the decision had made itself: this was an unreal fit. I am infinitely grateful to be a member of this team, and by extension, this community. Let’s work out together some time!


Patrick Ramsay

Megan Pellizzari


WholeFit Trainer & Gymnastics Specialist

I have been an athlete all my life, competing in gymnastics, track and field, cheerleading and now CrossFit. But my passion has always been gymnastics.

I was 5 when my parents enrolled me in my first class because “my feet never touched the ground”. I progressed very quickly and finally started competitive gymnastics at age 8. I say “finally” because I had been turned away 3 times previously because I didn’t have the “gymnastics aesthetic” they were looking for. I was too tall, gangly and not flexible...but I loved it!

This was my first real lesson in sport. Heart is an athletes biggest measure of potential. Regardless of appearance, we should participate in sport because it makes us feel good and because it is FUN!

Through my training, I have been privileged to win Provincial and National titles but my greatest accomplishments and source of motivation has been the opportunity to coach others and helping them to achieve their goals. I love hearing the cheers of success (and even giggles sometimes) in the gym because it means that we are crushing goals and having fun all at the same time!

I have now been coaching for nearly 27 years and I have had the opportunity to be coached and mentored by some of the best technicians in Canada. I am incredibly blessed to work alongside the fabulous trainers and members here at WholeFit. I am so proud to be a part of this supportive community.